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The Making of Cannibal! The Musical, by Jason McHugh


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Chapter 16 - Spring Break in the Mountains

A River Runs Through It

The river-crossing scene was a challenge for everybody. Fortunately the weather gods were on our side, and we got the warmest sunny day we could hope for during March in Colorado.

Filming scenes like this one reminded us that we were glad to have cast ourselves in the main roles: We were saved the headache of having to bull shit wussy actors about how crossing a river fifty yards wide raging with ice cold snow melt wasn't such a huge bummer. We were all aware of how silly and dangerous it was, but we tried not to dwell on that.

So when the time came, the six of us slipped wet suits on underneath our costumes and made the best of it.

The only problem with the warm weather was that we had to stand around in wet suits with winter clothes and big coats on. So we were all hot and wet. Then, the incredible shock to the body when the ice-cold rocky mountain water covers you, instantly your body tightens up and exhausts itself, this made swimming in current difficult. So when the time came to shoot the master shot with all six of us actually making the river leap, we are all somewhat nervous and uncertain about the outcome.

Although no one even came close to actually getting across the river, there were no casualties. About quarter of the way was as far as we got then we all got swept down stream a ways. But everyone made it to shore that night, and enjoyed the hot tub after jumping in and out of icy rivers all day.

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