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Chapter 15 - Spring Break in the Mountains

Hot Tubs and Points of Interest

The saving grace of our journey were the hot tubs that each of motels we camped in amazingly had. Every shoot day on Spring Break ended up in an evening hot tub party. This was that time in the shoot when little relationships started popping up all over ...

Matt Stone had been preaching at all crew meetings that sexual tension was a must for the shoot, and he was quite correct. Since we were living in close quarters, as soon as anyone got together, the word spread fast. It was what I would call a BUTT HUT, with way too many fellas aboard. I think the guy-to-girl ratio was stacked at about four guys to one girl -- which resulted in every woman finding at least one date, and sexual frustration running rampant through most of our twenty-something male crew members.

The beauty and the problem with our spring break shoot was the fact that our locations were quite remote.

For example, our Black Canyon location was an hour from the nearest motel. Upon arrival at the motel, we needed about an hour for roadside makeup and wardrobe. Then we had to drive to the bottom of this two thousand foot canyon and hike along the rocky banks of a large river to our ultimate location point. As we stood at the foot of this astounding canyon we'd bang off a scene in less than an hour, and burn back to the motel for our evening hot tub session.

There was simply no other way to get to some of the beautiful spots that we shot without traveling the extra mile (or five). Since none of our remote location scenes were more than three pages in length, we'd often finish the day with time to spare. And this meant tubbing, which was a good thing.

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