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Chapter 14 - Spring Break in the Mountains

Day Two: Shit Hits The Fan (again)

On the second day of Spring Break we were set to do some sequences with Trey and Lianne the horse. Today our Lianne was a bit skittish, which was unfortunate because Trey was a bit horse-shy himself. Since she was the only generic-looking brown horse that we could find, we were forced to cast this horse as "Lianne."

Trey was not the most experienced equestrian around, but he was competent on horseback until he rode Lianne that day. I guess we accidentally cast a bitchy horse, because Trey had been on top of her for less than five minutes when she spooked, and took off into the rough on a dead run. Lianne raced over a rocky, hilly, ditch-ridden terrain as Trey, our writer-director-star-actor-stunt-double, held on for dear life. I can say that was one of the more helpless feelings I've experienced, as I watched Trey get taken away by this wild filly.

Eventually Trey sort of pulled the rip cord and slid off the freaky beast, landing in a cloud of dust. The horse took no notice, and kept running. We found Trey clearly shaken and heavily bruised from the fall. We took a long lunch, and then shot the next scene without Lianne.

After the shoot we took Trey to the doctor, who found he had suffered a hairline fracture in his hip from the accident. He was advised to operate immediately, but that wasn't in the cards. We had to make a movie and Trey, despite the pain, agreed, declaring he was going to make the movie as long as he was still standing. He still hasn't had that operation yet, but he has played a martial arts action hero in "Orgazmo".

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