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The Making of Cannibal! The Musical, by Jason McHugh


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Chapter 11 - Let The Lensing Commence

The first scenes to be shot were snowy night-time campfire scenes. The back yard of Trey's childhood home was the chosen location. His house was located at an elevation of 8400 feet, in a wooded mountain town overlooking Denver. We figured this place, with its home-field advantage, would be nice place to begin. That was quite a good call, because several problems developed immediately.

The intense winter cold created technical difficulties. Our Nagra recording system was not operating properly, and required an emergency trip to the Denver for repairs. Luckily our crack team of novice technicians were able to fix the machine in a matter of a couple hours.

We then realized we were in big trouble with our makeup, and Trey was totally pissed and instantly resented the makeup artist. (Anyone who has seen "Cannibal: The Musical" will probably agree that in certain scenes the fake beards are laughably bad -- but know that we had to fix them at the last minute, just to get them to look that shitty!

Fake beards in general suck: As soon as you have a fake beard on your face, it's impossible not to be slightly annoyed all day long. The beards give you that perturbed "who-just-farted-in-my-cubicle?" look on your face. Other crew members would always pick up on that twinge of anger, and wonder what the hell was wrong. Anyway, the fake beards were a joke that Trey and I got stuck with.

So despite the technical problems, a several-hour delay, a pissed-off director, and cheesy beards, "Cannibal: The Musical" was officially underway. And fortunately, Mrs. Parker kindly catered this first evening with a massive country spread.

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