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The Making of Cannibal! The Musical, by Jason McHugh


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Chapter 10 - Hiring and Scheduling

Most of our crew had already signed up with us during the months prior. Our crew was mostly comprised of advanced level CU film majors, who were all ready and willing to work for free.

It was a good trade, because no one on our crew had any real feature film experience to speak of so this was a break for everybody involved, for better or for worse! Since they were mostly students this meant they actually had to go to school and our shooting schedule had to be designed to accommodate this. So we booked every weekend in March and April and all of Spring Break.

I can confidently say that having our shooting schedule spread out saved our asses. A week to regroup and reorganize between shoots took some of the pressure off of everybody and gave Trey valuable time for crucial last minute rewrites.

Each weekend we would hit one centralized location and for our spring break shoot we planned to tour more remote locations throughout south western Colorado. For the most part this schedule worked really well as far as balancing between making our movie and dealing with classes.

The film department, however, was divided between film studies and film production and there was a rift between the two. So after some of our crew memebers missed a couple of film studies classes, certain dick head professors, like Bruce Kawin, started penalizing and player hating our crew members.

He was frustrated because we were out making movies while he was predestined to do nothing but pontificate about the production details of prehistoric cinema. Anyway, many Packer crew members got poor marks and were lucky to get out with a C-.

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