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The Making of Cannibal! The Musical, by Jason McHugh


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Chapter 6 - The Deadline
Lucky 7!

It was now the beginning of February. We had just finished contacting all of our investors, to inform them of Moira's departure from our project.

We offered all of our investors their money back, and our faith in humanity (not Hollywood) was restored when not one of our investors pulled out.

This was amazing. I suppose our investors had already thrown the dice; they had faith in what we were doing, and not necessarily who we were doing it with! Either that, or they were and remain just really nice, cool people. Or maybe all of the above. Anyway, we had one week until our Valentines Day deadline, and no leads on any new investors.

Cash Money!

So on Friday the 12th, we took out a 2,500 dollar loan from Matt's father and immediately invested it into the film. Matt's dad teaches economics, and was way too smart to actually invest in a fucked-up scheme like ours, so it was cool of him to give us the loan.

Anyway we got our bank statement with $75,000 in the bank!!! This meant we were officially in business. The following week we paid back Mr. Stone's $2,500 bucks in full, and began pre-production. Word.

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