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Close Encounters of the Cannibal Kind

Dian Bachar

Dian & Wendy @ a Colorado hotel Kyle, Dian, & Kyle @ a Colorado hotel

Fan Art

Drawing of Alferd Packer for this site's 5th 'Birthday' - by Sam, Drawing of Alferd Packer, brought to you by the letter 'C' - by Todd Oetelaar South Park Packer, by Tumu
South Park Bell, by Tumu South Park Humphrey, by Tumu South Park Noon, by Tumu
South Park Miller, by Tumu South Park Swan, by Tumu Cannibal! in South Park, by Todd Oetelaar
3D image of Swan being shot, by Yours Truly 3D image of the miners at the Grand Canyon, by Yours Truly Alferd Packer: Trouble in Jamaica, by Yours Truly
Cannibal 2, by Todd Oetelaar Matt & Trey on Acid, by katgrrl59 Pen sketch of Packer, Humphrey, and Bell, by Fay Potter
Cannibals, by LoPrEsTi43

Fan Fic

The Silence of the Shpadoinkle
by Lavonne Eudy

Fan Songs

Shpadoinkle (Cover Song)
by The Blood Brothers

If you have anything that you think belongs on this page, send it to me, and I'll be glad to post it.

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